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2019 Taiwan Cycling Festival

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  • Taiwan KOM Challenge
  • Formosa 900
  • Light up Taiwan
  • Sun Moon Lake Come!Bikeday
  • Taiwan East Bay Cycling Challenge
  • Taichung Wheels Ride Festival
  • Taiwan KOM Challenge
  • An award ceremony for the top six male players
  • An award ceremony for the top three female players
  • The Road to Taiwan KOM - Summer
  • High elevation poses a challenge to players
  • The contestants
  • A bicycle route
  • Merida Cup & Bike Festival
  • Memorial photo at Tunnel 88
  • Riding along the coasts
  • Overlooking Guishan Island from a coastal highway
  • Light Up Taiwan Leisure Cycling

A classic piece of dialog from the Taiwan movie Island Etude: “There are some things that, if you don’t do them now, never will.” These words set off a craze for traveling around the whole of Taiwan by bike. Doing a bicycle circuit around Taiwan has now become an item on many people’s “bucket list”! Since 2010 the Tourism Bureau has actively conducted a whole series of events related to the Taiwan Cycling Festival, enthusiastically inviting the Taiwan public to lay down their “tire” tracks and turn the results of innovation in transportation construction into a new resource for tourism, aiming to make Taiwan into an international-level paradise for leisure cycling. Taiwan has an excellent highway system plus a superior topography so that when cycling, a rider can also appreciate magnificent scenery along the route—and what you have is a cycling tour around the island that boasts a convenient and enjoyable itinerary! The series of activities of the “Taiwan Cycling Festival” focus on bicycle touring and pulls together the tourist and transportation resources of the various county seats to present the specifics of a diverse and local touring culture. Accompanied by beautiful mountains and water scenery, bicycle enthusiasts from around the world can come on a pilgrimage and are provided a varied and rich recreational cycling experience, making the riding of the “iron horse” no longer a simple exercise but rather the perfect experience in body and soul.

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